TELEMARKETER ID : 1402475510000019124

Dear Customers, TRAI mandated DLT REGISTRATION for everyone who send BULK SMS.
DLT REGISTRATION MUST NEED to ALL USERS and RESELLERS (resellers can register as an entity and telemarketer both)
DLT Registration includes:...steps as follows Step: 1 : You must register as an ENTITY / Principle Entity / Enterprise
Step: 2 : After completion of ENTITY registration, You must Register your OWN SENDERIDs
Step: 3 : After completion of SENDERIDs registration, You Must Register Your OWN TEMPLATE (template means, what do you want send as an sms CONTENT ) Step: 4 : After completion of TEMPLATEs registration, You Must Upload them in our portal, how to upload in our portal, call your account manager or email us. we always ready to guide You on DLT related Things. It is informed that Template may live on 8-march-2021, so all your templates must be registered at your DLT platforms
if Your Templates NOT registered on DLT platforms, SMS may fail, SMS will not deliver, for this is not responsible, so KINDLY register ALL your TEMPLATES as early as POSSIBLE. without DLT Registration, NO ONE can send SMS any more
HERE YOU CAN FIND DLT registration platforms
JIO DLT Registration, pls click here (FREE)
VODAFONE DLT Registration, pls click here (FREE)
BSNL DLT Registration, pls click here (FREE)
AIRTEL DLT Registration, pls click here (FREE)
TATA DLT Registration, pls click here (FREE)
VIDEOCON DLT Registration, pls click here (FREE)

ENTITY/ ENTERPRISE REGISTRATION is FREE on ALL above NETWORKS, you can register 'ANYONE of THEM', u need not do ALL now
TELEMARKETER Registration is Paid, you can login their Portals, you can find their prices, you can register any one of them, u need not do ALL now
you can find how to register as an ENTITY/ ENTERPRISE on there are 100 of videos there how to register
Just go youtube type as : DLT Registration, you can find detailed videos, no worry, if not get idea, call us
pls send email if u want more details for DLT REGISTRATION: