BULK Emails Features :

Life Time Validity,
24x7 service
Group emails, Excel_upload, Instant Delivery Reports,
Single Click Send 1,000 SMS to 1 Lac Emails,
Pay Online INSTANT Activation.
Package Cost/Voice Call Total Cost in Rs. Buy Now Online
25000 Bulk Emails 6 ps/Bulk Email 1,500 Pay Online
50000 Bulk Emails 5 ps/Bulk Email 2,500 Pay Online
100000 Bulk Emails 4 ps/Bulk Email 4,000 Pay Online
200000 Bulk Emails 3.5 ps/Bulk Email 7,000 Pay Online
500000 Bulk Emails 3 ps/Bulk Email 15,000 Pay Online
1000000 Bulk Emails 2.5 ps/Bulk Email 25,000 Pay Online

Bulk Emails:

Bulk emails is cost-effective marketing tools, why because, digital marketing is one of main tools is email marketing.

Bulk emails marketing is on gmail/hotmail/yahoomail/and all branded emails it will reach.